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Teenager Defendant in Wrongful Death Claim

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A teenager who was found guilty of reckless manslaughter has now had a wrongful death suit filed against him by the family of the man that the teenager killed.

Last year the teenager and his father stopped at a tire store when they got into a verbal argument with the manslaughter victim, a man who worked at the store. The man had been drinking at work and began shouting profanities at the teenager's father. The man was asked to leave by his boss but then waited for the teenager and his father outside in the parking lot. The man approached the teenager and father's truck in a menacing manner. The father opened his truck door causing the man to be knocked backward. It was then that the teenager grabbed his father's gun out of a backpack and shot the man seven times.

The teenager pled not guilty on the grounds of self-defense, claiming that his father was in poor health and that he was defending him. After a three-week trial, the teenager was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to the maximum penalty of six years in prison. He may now have to pay financial penalties as well to the family of the killed man if he is found guilty in the pursuant wrongful death case.

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