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Teenagers More Likely to Get into Accident First Month Behind the Wheel

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The results of one study may not come as a surprise to parents of teenage drivers.

According to a foundation for safe driving, teens are more likely to get into a car accident during their first month behind the wheel. By looking at crash data from North Carolina databases inputted between 2001 and 2008, teens were 50 percent more likely to crash during the first month of driving unsupervised than after one year of driving experience.

When looking at the reasons for accidents during the first month, 57 percent could be attributed to three reasons: not paying full attention to the road, speeding, and failing to yield to other drivers.

In addition to those causes, left-hand turns were also high on the list. During the first month of driving, teens often have difficulty navigating left-hand turns, but the study showed that most quickly mastered them as the accident rate dropped after the first thirty days.

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