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Truck Driver Causes Chain Reaction Accident

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It is important to never store loose items in the back of a pickup truck, a fact that was proven by a chain reaction truck accident last weekend in North Carolina.

Police reports show that the accident was caused by a tire that flew out of a pickup truck during rush hour in Charlotte. The truck was heading north on a busy interstate when the tire flew out and ultimately caused five vehicles to crash. One of those vehicles was a tractor-trailer, which crashed into another car so violently that the two front tires flew off. It took three hours for troopers to evaluate the truck accident and for EMTs to attend to the victims.

While five people were transported to area hospitals, none of them received life-threatening injuries. At this time, the truck driver has not been charged, but only because he has yet to be located. It is still uncertain as to whether he is even aware of the mayhem he left behind.

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