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Man That Killed Two Bikers During Accident to Stand Trial

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A man that killed two bicyclists last year stands trial this month. He faces several years behind bars if he is found guilty of the charges filed against him. T.G. has been accused of second-degree murder for causing the car accident that took the two victims' lives. News sources say the jury is hearing evidence this week from the State Bureau of Investigation.

Lab results from the car accident revealed that T.G. was in possession of a drug at the time the crash occurred. While police originally thought that the drug was cocaine, it was found to be mephedrone instead. Although mephedrone is now illegal in North Carolina, it was not at the time of the incident.

In addition to possibly being under the influence of drugs, the driver's blood alcohol level was found to be 0.12% two hours after his arrest. That means that his BAC was at least 0.16% when he struck the two victims.

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