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Study Finds Female Drivers More Likely to be Distracted

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A recent study found that female teenage drivers are more likely to be distracted behind the wheel than their male counterparts. This information was based on six months of recorded data observing the habits of teenage drivers. The study, conducted by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center and AAA, found that female teenage drivers were twice as likely to text or chat on their cell phones while driving.

This research was intended to show that all states need to have uniform laws against texting and talking while driving. In fact, teenage drivers should not be allowed to use any electronic devices while driving, the report adds.

Researchers also found that the more teenagers present in a vehicle, the higher the chance of a crash. While electronic devices were of great concern to teenage drivers, they could also be distracted by grooming habits and eating/drinking while driving. Hurt during an auto accident that was caused by a distracted driver?

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