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Toddler Killed by Car After Running into the Street

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Car accidents are tragic events, especially when it involves the death of a little toddler. This was the case according to a Hastings police officer who reported that a little 18 month old child ran out of his parents car and was struck by multiple cars I the middle of the road. At this time, police are investigating the multiple cars involved in the accident and have come up with no reason as to their having any fault with hitting the child. Neighbors who witness the accident say that the child quickly ran from the parent’s car and it is possible that the cars on the road never even noticed the child in the middle of the street. Also taking into account the time of day, had the child even been big enough for the drivers to see him, there was also the glare from the setting of the sun, which could have caused impaired vision on behalf of the drivers.

These neighbors also report that the moment the cars realized what had happened they returned to the site and got out of their vehicles to the scene. It is said that this is the second toddler involved car accident in this town within the last month. Going through the trial of losing a loved one is difficult as it is, when it is a recently born child a whole new level of trauma can be added to the situation.

Deciding how to handle the car accident as well is a difficult process. Contact the Lanier Law Group, P.A. today if you or someone you know has gone through a similar situation and is considering a lawsuit of some sort. No one should have to face the loss of a loved one alone, and we want to help you seek the justice that is deserved. We are located all over the state of North Carolina and are ready to help you and your family in this situation!

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