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Maggots Found on Patient at Sanford Nursing Home

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Just last week, a nursing home in Sanford, Maine was reported to have found maggots on one of their residents. It is believed that this home has had multiple issues health regulations and according the state and national averages, this home has far exceeded the levels of sanitation that is considered acceptable according to the Medicare nursing homes.

This home is the Newton Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing and it is recorded that they have had 14 health inspection failures just within the past year. In these failed inspections, there were numerous unclean tables in the patient’s rooms and wheelchairs that had never been cleaned of the patient’s food droppings and bathroom situations that were both unsanitary and hazardous. It is interesting however, that despite the low rankings for health standards; this home had never been fined by the Medicare government agencies during this time.

It is said recently a nurse noticed a male resident had small maggots crawling on his ankle during a routine skin check on the patient. After reports were made, all other patients were checked and there were no signs of larvae being on any other patients. The nursing home made changes and improvements regarding ways that flies could come into the home, suspecting that was the cause of the larvae on the ankle.

While this nursing home claims that there 14 failed inspections are of minimal or no damage to the patients, there are still concerns. In the past year, they have spent $80,000 in repairs and improvements to help this home. Though the other patients don’t appear to be worried about disease or neglect, the idea of maggots on a person still is alarming.

If you or someone you know has experienced similar situations of nursing home neglect or abuse, contact the Lanier Law Group, P.A. today for more information regarding the next legal steps to take. We want to see to it that those you love are receiving the proper care that you are paying for!

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