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Car Accident Victim Learns How to Walk

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Imagine the fear that a person experiences when they hear that they will never walk again. Or waking up for a horrible accident unsure of where your legs are because the feeling is nonexistent. It’s impossible to think of, the thought is terrifying; and yet it is the reality for so many individuals that are victims of car accidents.

There are miracle stories out there though, and that is the case for Phillip Bryant of Greenville, North Carolina reports WNCT News. In January of 2012 he decided that he wanted his life to change, for the world to be different because of all the tragedy that he saw on the news every day. Bryant may have got what he wished for, change, just in a very different package. Two days later he was involved in a bad car accident and was told by his doctors that he would never walk again, being paralyzed from the waist down.

Bryant then chose to see this accident as an opportunity to work hard rather than give up, he knew that he had to persevere. Over time, even after the doctors said that he wasn’t going to be able to move his legs, he would train in order to gain his strength back. It started out at home doing various workouts, now he is able to press 30 pounds on a leg press at the local gym. He said that he just had the faith that it would happen in time, and he believed it enough to see to it happening.

Bryant addresses the typical American who has the consumer mindset, how they want is to have more, to be better known by the world. He says that he has be given the opportunity to learn how to walk again, and for him that is something to be thankful for rather than complaining that he doesn’t have the ability anymore. It is reported that while he can’t walk on his own yet, he one day hopes that he will be able to walk his little girl, only a year and a half, down the aisle at her wedding.

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