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Study Shows North Carolinians at Higher Risk for Injury

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$406 billion dollars- that's how much America loses in medical costs and lost productivity every single year. Accidents happen, but not all of them are the injured person's fault. Sometimes conditions at work, negligence by others, or inattention to detail by someone who is supposed to preserve safety can cause a painful and expensive wound. In North Carolina, the state is filled with injuries and wrongful deaths. According to a recent report that was completed by the Trust for America's Health, North Carolina suffers from more deaths by injury than almost any other state.

The report shows that while North Carolina police forces enforce 8 of the 10 top safety measures to some degree, they aren't doing enough. North Carolinians have a death-by injury rate of 66 per 100,000. The national average is only 57.9 people per 100,000. Why is North Carolina struggling from above-average injury issues? According to researchers, 10 key prevention policies that are not well enforced might be to blame. People who fail to wear seatbelts, put their children in booster seats, use over-the-counter prescription drugs wisely, and wear helmets when riding motor cycles are at a higher risk to severe injury. In North Carolina, police do not always monitor these important safety measures.

Because of this, citizens in North Carolina need to be called to action. Some people are scared to sue because they don't want to cause tension, but by seeking a lawsuit against someone who is negligent and does not carry out safety protocol, you may be saving lives. Every day, people neglect important safety precautions and cause others to suffer injuries. Those injuries always come with high medical bills, and the hurt victim may even need to take time off of work to recover.

Don't let someone get away with actions that lead to other's wounds. Contact a Charlotte personal injury lawyer at Lanier Law Group, P.A., and you may be able to get money to reimburse the carelessness of another.

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