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Lightning Injuries Strike North Carolina

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In the volatile storms that often sweep through North Carolina, there is often the possibility of a tragic lightning strike. Most recently, two schoolgirls were stepping off of their bus in a thunderstorm when the lightning zapped in their direction. According to the reports, the children were not physically contacted by the lightning, but it hit so near to where they were standing that it knocked them onto the ground. The 9 and 12-year-old had odd flower-shaped marks on their skin after the strike, but otherwise were not injured by the electricity. This incident in Craven County happened back in February. Yet that is not the only time North Carolina residents have been hit by lightning.

Two years ago, a doting, new fiancé was devastated when his fiancée was struck down and killed by a lightning bolt while he was in the process of proposing. She was dead before the ring even left his hand. The surviving boyfriend, a citizen from Ashville, says that his lovely girlfriend was only a few feet above him on the hilly incline when they were zapped. The couple was standing at the top of North Carolina's Max Patch Bald, a mountain at the Tennessee border. Admittedly, they should not have been given permission to hike up the high mountain in stormy weather conditions.

Lightning kills about 58 Americans a year, and strikes many others who suffer from memory loss, attention deficit, sleep disorders, dizziness, and numbness. Whenever a storm is coming, it is suggested that you stay inside. The best choice is always to keep from any metal objects during a storm and to remain safe inside of a building.

If you are hit by lightning because someone else pressed you to stand in a position of danger, then you need to file a lawsuit. While no one can control where lightning strikes, people can take extra precautions to make sure that it doesn't hit you or someone that you love. Get in touch with a North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney today for more information about lightning lawsuits.

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