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Two Injured in North Carolina Helicopter Crash

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A local news station says that two people were injured on June 15th, 2012, when their helicopter spiraled downward into the Atlantic Ocean. The crash occurred near Oak Island at about 4:30 p.m. The disaster was visible from the Oak Island pier. Witnesses say that the helicopter was upside down and the couple inside were trying desperately to undo their harnesses and eject from the malfunctioning aircraft. They weren’t able to get the harnesses undone, but when the copter crashed, they were rescued by a nearby fisherman. They were then transferred into a water rescue boat and the Coast Guard and the N.C. Marine Patrol worked hard to get the injured persons to a hospital.

The couple suffered serious injuries, but they weren’t life threatening. The helicopter was equipped with floats so that it could land in the water, but for some reason these weren’t employed. Like all aircraft, helicopters can be dangerous. Only licensed fliers should every endeavor to take a helicopter out, and they should make sure that they have had a lot of supervised practice before doing so. One bad move could cost the pilot and his passengers their lives. Also, anytime that a helicopter is launched, a crew should inspect it for any glitches or dangers. A malfunction can become a horrible and deathly experience.

The Helicopter Annual says that there were about 140 civil helicopter accidents in 2009. As well, there are about 29 accidents that resulted in fatalities, and a total of 75 people died. There were also 28 serious injuries in those crashes, and 40 minor injuries. Most serious helicopter accidents happen in choppers with reciprocating engines. After that, single engine turbine helicopters are the second most dangerous, whereas multi-engine turbine choppers do not crash often.

If you were involved in some sort of helicopter accident and it was not your fault, then you should seek damages. You may be able to litigate against the company that created the helicopter, the pilot, or another party to obtain finances to pay for your medical bills and satisfy other losses.

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