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Speeding Blamed for Savage Auto Accident

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Excessive speed is being listed as the primary cause of a car accident that was described as a "savage crash." Several people lost their lives in the accident, which took place last week in Caldwell County. According to the police report, four friends were driving early Sunday morning when the driver lost control of the vehicle. He overcorrected which sent the car off the highway. It went off an embankment before crashing head first into a tree. One of the survivors was able to remove himself from the mangled vehicle and walk hundreds of yards up the road despite his injuries.

When he did manage to find a state trooper, his English was too limited for police officers to understand him at first. By the time that they figured out an accident had taken place, two of the men in the vehicle had passed away. The responding officer told the media this week that it was one of the worst auto accidents they had seen in the County. If you sustained substantial injuries and/or property damage during a car crash, take the time to have your case reviewed by a North Carolina personal injury attorney from our office by contacting the Lanier Law Group, P.A. today!

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