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Dangerous Roads Leading to Major Car Accidents

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Roads and highways are a method of transportation for people who need to get from destination A to destination B. We rely on these means for transportation in everyday life, and yet often times the roads we so greatly depend on are in terrible condition or are unsafe for various reasons. One could assume that due to the great importance of a road, the need for improvements and repairs is vital, because if there is a ditch in the road and a car gets stuck, accidents are waiting to happen.

In many neighborhoods, we rely on speed limits to keep the cars driving at a safe speed while near residential areas, and yet without speed bumps, many times those laws are not obeyed. The Courier in the United Kingdom reports of a tragic story regarding a little boy who remains in critical condition because of a dangerous road situation, one that has long concerned the Perth community. A neighborhood lady who heard the accident reports that she was in her home when she heard a loud “thump” and then soon heard a mother screaming at the top of her lungs.

She shared that the corner near her house has been an accident that has been waiting to happen because of the cars speeding so quickly through the area. Apparently the neighborhood has been seeking for the city to take measures to reduce the speeding and yet nothing has been done, unfortunately they had to wait for a little boy to be hit by a car and thrown 12 feet into their air before realizing the dangers.

This witness shares that the intersection is a commonly used crosswalk as it is just across the street from an elementary school. Even placing a speed bump in the area would be sufficient to bring an extra measure of safety for the students and their parents. The local city council men have since acknowledged the dangers of the road for the pedestrians crossing the street that they have agreed to implement some form of measures to reduce the speed of drivers in the area.

Many parents can attest to dreading the fears that this mother just had realized, that crossing the street with your children is a risky business, especially when drivers today don’t care for the designated speed limits. Car accidents are a terrible experience to go through, and lives can be taken away in the blink of an eye due to the negligence of another driver on the road, simply not paying adequate attention can cause the deadliest of accidents.

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