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Little Boy Hit by Car While Riding His Bike

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In Sparta, North Carolina last Tuesday, a little boy while riding his bicycle was struck by a car and severely injured. The police on duty was also a specialized accident scene reconstructed and concluded that the little boy went through the intersection without stopping at the stop sign and the car, driven by Nancy Koteras. They report that she came through in the opposite direction and the 10-year-old boy ran straight into her side door. At the moment of impact he was thrown from his bike to be then thrown on top of the ladies car after which he fell onto the street.

An off duty state trooper from New Jersey William Sisco, was at the scene first and stayed with the child until the emergency rescue could arrive. Reports state that even though the boy was wearing his helmet he still faces head and facial injuries as well as a broken leg. The police department claims that there are no updates on the boy’s health after being taken to the local hospital.

At this time, the police are still investigating the event and have chosen to refrain from pressing charges thus far. Receiving the news that your little child was involved in a car accident while riding his bicycle can be a frightening experience to have to face, and perhaps you feel that the accident could have been avoided if it weren’t for the negligence of the other driver.

In the case of this little boy, what if the driver going through the intersection paid closer attention to her surroundings? What if she was under the influence of alcohol, which impaired her from recognizing the little boy on the road that wasn’t stopping at the stop sign? This is not to say that this was the case for Nancy Koteras, however it may be the unfortunate circumstance for your child if they were hit by a moving vehicle while enjoying a ride on their bike.

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