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Local Pastor Arrested on Allegations That He Sexually Abused Young Victims in His Church

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Sexual abuse is a crime and a civil wrong that can cause a wide range of problems for the victim, such as depression, PTSD and other serious psychological injuries. It can lead to the inability to sleep, work or perform daily life functions, in addition to drug or alcohol abuse, self-harm, suicide, and many other severe mental and physical injuries. It often requires medical care, ongoing counseling and even medication. 

Sex abuse causes serious damage. Unfortunately, sexual abuse statistics are alarming:

  • Every two minutes an American is sexually assaulted.
  • There are more than 237,000 victims of sexual assault each year.
  • More than 40 percent of victims are under age 18.
  • 80 percent of victims are under age 30.
  • 60 percent of sexual assaults go unreported. 

One frightening and important statistic is that two-thirds of sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows. In recent news, investigators obtained warrants to arrest a former pastor for sexual abuse charges that include assault and battery, criminal sexual conduct with a minor, and committing or attempting a lewd act. Among the abuse accusations is that the pastor, 38-year-old Cory Dean Moses, allegedly exposed himself and inappropriately touched a teen girl who attended his church in South Carolina. 

According to authorities, the abuse allegedly began when the girl was 14 years old and continued until she was 19. Pastor Moses previously served two years of jail time in North Carolina, where he lives, for sexually abusing another teen who attended his church. While he is a registered sex offender in North Carolina, he failed to register when working in a church in South Carolina. 

Sexual abuse, including molestation, inappropriate touching, sexual harassment and rape, may leave all types of scars. Many people do not realize that, as with most injuries caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of others, victims of sexual abuse may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for their harm. To learn more about personal injury claims for sexual abuse, contact a knowledgeable and caring attorney.

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