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Graham County Cited as Dangerous County for Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle Crashes

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The 20th annual AAA Carolinas report of road safety has been released and it lists Graham County as the number one North Carolina County for motorcycle fatalities and the county in which you are most likely to be in a fatal car crash. The report, which cites statewide motor vehicle accidents and the injuries and deaths that accompany them, ranks the counties from most to least dangerous based upon these statistics.

According to the report, Mecklenburg County led North Carolina in both pedestrian deaths and motor vehicle deaths last year. However, when factoring in the number of fatalities and the number of miles driven in each county, Graham County, located in the western mountains of the state, is an especially dangerous county in which to drive. The county led the state in injuries and fatalities in both motor vehicle and motorcycle crashes.

In fact, Graham County is so dangerous for motorcycle drivers, it ranked as the number one place for any type of motorcycle crash, whether the driver was injured or killed. The president of AAA Carolinas noted that the county is one of the most dangerous in the nation in which to operate a motorcycle.

One reason for this high motorcycle risk in Graham County might be due to the location. Many motorcycle riders prefer to ride in the mountains where there is less traffic and they can enjoy the scenery. Though this can be an enjoyable activity for bikers, it also encourages them to take unnecessary risks such as speeding or alcohol use. Nearly half of all accidents involving a single motorcycle are caused by speeding or impairment.

Unfortunately, bikers also face serious dangers posed by other motorists on the road. Motorcycles can be difficult to spot and do not offer much protection to their riders. When a motorist fails to pay close attention when making turns or going through an intersection, he or she can easily strike a motorcycle and often these collisions prove fatal to the rider.

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to seek monetary damages. Contact an experienced North Carolina accident attorney with the Lanier Law Group right away.

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