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North Carolina Students Invent Nail Polish That Can Detect Presence of Drugs in Drinks

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Four North Carolina male students have invented a nail polish that can alert its wearers to the presence of date-rape drugs in their drinks. Known as Undercover Colors, the nail polish is designed to change color if its wearer dips a finger in their drink and date-rape drugs are detected.

The invention has been heralded as a landmark tool to help female students who face increasingly high risks of sexual abuse due to date-rape drugs. Date rape is a specific type of sexual violence that occurs when a friend or acquaintance initiates non-consensual intercourse. It is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that force is involved, as date rape occurs whenever someone does not agree or is unable to give consent to intercourse. If someone is drunk or drugged, they are unable to offer such consent.

It can be very difficult for victims of date rape to take legal action, or to even report the crime at all. However, in addition to the criminal penalties offenders might face, it’s also possible to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Few victims realize that this is even an option.

To be successful in one of these lawsuits, victims and their attorneys must prove that a sexual assault took place and that the alleged perpetrator was the individual responsible. If successful, courts and juries typically award high amounts of monetary compensation to plaintiffs due to the violent and harmful nature of these types of crimes. It might also be possible to file claims against other parties, such as property owners who failed to provide a safe and secure environment to the victim.

Sexual abuse is a serious matter. Women and men who have suffered this violence have a number of legal options, including pressing criminal charges and filing a civil lawsuit. Work with a skilled and compassionate injury attorney with the Lanier Law Group in North Carolina to learn more.

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