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Two Injured in Accident Involving Log Truck and Motorcycle

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A stretch of U.S. 1 between Pennsylvania Avenue and Midland Road in Southern Pines, North Carolina was temporarily closed on March 16 after an accident involving a motorcycle and a log truck. According to reports from local officials, the log truck had been heading north on the highway when it overturned in the median. This led to logs being spilled onto the other side of the road and hitting the motorcycle in the southbound lanes.

Two people were transported via helicopter to area hospitals to be treated for injuries, and authorities continued to investigate exactly what happened.

Rollovers are among the most common types of truck accidents, and usually happen for one of several reasons:

  • The vehicle was overloaded, making it difficult for the driver to bring the vehicle to a complete stop within a reasonable amount of time
  • The vehicle was improperly loaded, causing an uneven weight distribution that could make it easier for the driver to lose control over the vehicle
  • The driver was simply guilty of driver error, misjudging the weight distribution while attempting to make a turn or round a curve
  • Another driver was at fault, possibly cutting the truck driver off and forcing him or her to swerve at the last minute

When rollovers occur, they can be extremely dangerous both for the truck driver and for other motorists on the road. In this particular incident, it became an even more dangerous situation because of the type of cargo the vehicle was carrying and the fact that logs were able to roll into other lanes.

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