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When Truck Accidents are the Result of Tire Problems

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

By far, the two most common causes of trucking accidents are driver error and problems with the trucks themselves. In many cases, the problems with the trucks involve tire malfunctions, which can come in a variety of forms:

  • Defective tires. In some cases, the tires were defective before they were even put on the vehicle. This could be a result of poor tire manufacturing or design. Occasionally, tires for semi trucks are the subjects of recalls. Tire companies should regularly check with the state Department of Transportation for information about potential recalls that could affect their vehicles.
  • Failure to properly maintain tires. There are certain minimum standards of maintenance that trucking companies are expected to perform with their tires. Common mistakes include allowing drivers to use tires that do not meet the DOT’s requirements for minimum tread depth, mounting tires that have mismatched sizes or different patterns of wear, and mixing radial and bias tires on the same wheel axle.
  • Failure to inspect tires before trips. Before truck drivers go on long trips, they are required to make pre-trip inspections, which include checking the state of the tires. Tires should always have the proper levels of air pressure, and there should not be obvious signs of deterioration.

If you have been involved in a North Carolina truck accident, there could be many reasons why it occurred, which could affect how you proceed with a potential personal injury claim. For more information on your legal options, consult a skilled attorney with the Lanier Law Group today.

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