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Study Finds No Safe Amount of Alcohol Use After a Concussion

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Recent research performed by Suzanne G. Martin PsyD of MPH Intrepid Spirit Concussion Recovery Center indicates that there is no safe amount of alcohol use following a concussion.

According to the study, more and more studies are showing that alcohol and other recreational drugs can have particularly harmful effects toward people who have suffered brain injuries. Because alcohol is a neurotoxin (meaning it can kill brain cells), it can compound the effects that people have already suffered from a traumatic brain injury. Therefore, there is not a safe recommended amount of alcohol for people with a history of concussions or other brain injuries, as even moderate amounts have been shown in studies to have harmful effects on memory, behavior, balance, attention span and more.

Alcohol use can also have an effect on brain injuries that occur after long periods of heavy alcohol use. People who drink heavily before suffering a brain injury are more likely to have poor health outcomes and to engage in substance abuse after they suffer the injury.

Additionally, there have been many patients with traumatic brain injuries that have reported that they find themselves to be more sensitive to alcohol after their injury than they were beforehand, including in their alcohol tolerance and in how use of alcohol leads to potential bouts of depression.

People who still choose to drink after they have suffered a brain injury are suggested to drink only beverages with low alcohol content and to make sure that they have had enough food and water before having a drink.

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