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Closed Truck Stops May Affect Truckers’ Ability to Drive Safely

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The coronavirus pandemic caused by COVID-19 has taken the country by storm and quickly depleted medical centers of their necessary equipment and essential businesses of everything from cleaning supplies to toilet paper.

Among this chaos, the country has called upon truck drivers to deliver the goods and services it needs to keep running, and truckers have answered the call of duty.

However, the closure of dozens of truck stops across the country has left truck drivers with very few places to pull over and sleep for the night. We discuss the potential consequences of truck stop closures below.

Truck Stops Closed Around the Country

Local governments across the country have implemented stay at home orders and forced the closure of non-essential businesses. Some of the facilities that have been caught up in these mass closures are the truck stops that truckers need to park their trucks and sleep for the night.

In Pennsylvania, for example, a shutdown of public interstate and turnpike stops led to a revolt from two national lobbying groups. This ultimately resulted in the state reopening 13 of its 30 state-operated stops. This, however, is not enough to ensure that every truck driver is able to access a truck stop when they need one, and the pattern repeats in states across the country.

Truck driver fatigue is a major factor in many truck accidents, and this factor will only become more pronounced as truck drivers are working more hours and finding fewer places to sleep for the night.

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