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Council Reviews Dog Bite Ordinance

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A city council reviewed the terms of its animal control ordinance this week and decided to leave the laws as they were regarding dog bites. The laws were changed back in 2006 when a young child was bitten on the face by a pit bull. At that time, the city decided to use existing guidelines to determine how to rate dog bite problems based on the size and nature of the animal.

By ranking dogs within four categories – dangerous, vicious, large and aggressive – law enforcement agents can better deal with victims who receive dog bites. When a dog bite occurs, law enforcement must quarantine the animal and then decide whether to euthanize it. The ordinance also reviewed what is considered to be a dog bite versus nipping. It was decided several years ago that a bite happens when teeth break through the skin. If this occurs, the owner could face serious fines and other criminal punishments.

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