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Vendor Attacked by Dog at Animal Rights Protest

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

An animal rights protest got out of control in Germany when protesters started to attack a hot dog vendor.

The victim, Hendrik Z, sells hot dogs in Berlin on a daily basis. Last weekend, however, there was an animal rights demonstration held near his stand. Some protesters started to put stickers on the windows of his hot dog cart, prompting Hendrik to speak out and ask them to stop. He told police, "I have nothing against vegetarians but I don't let anyone force their opinions on me."

However, rather than leave him alone, one man then pushed Hendrik down to the ground and started to kick him. When an onlooker attempted to intervene on Hendrik's behalf, the man's dog got riled up and bit Hendrik. When asked about the dog bite, the hot dog vendor replied, "I am vaccinated against tetanus so I didn't need to go to the hospital."

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