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Ripple Effect After Penn State Scandal: More Victims Come Forward

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After the huge Penn State sexual abuse scandal was released, it is appearing to have a sort of ripple effect on the rest of the country. Men and women who have been victims of sexual abuse crimes are facing their fears to come forward and place accusations against their abusers. It is said that people are bringing up cases from over the years, some who were victims even twenty years ago are now coming forward. Many are assuming that this scandal helped other victims see that they were alone in their sufferings, and that justice can be found.

Several victims are unable to see a there is a way out; perhaps this scandal is allowing them to see that hope is there, and it is giving them the strength to come forward. It is reported that the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) has had a 50% increase of people calling in to their help hotline or over the internet since the Sandusky scandal has been released. The RAINN organization claims that whenever there is a scandal that is made popular over the media they have a greater influx of victims come forward, however with this scandal they have never seen such a rapid growth. They are specifically seeing a pattern of males coming forward about abuse from their child, mentioning specifically the Sandusky scandal in which he had at least 45 child victims.

FBI Director Louis Freech said in a speech as a result of the scandal that he believes one of the main reasons people are now coming forward is their sense of protecting one another. By facing the fear to share their past experience may just protect another child from being abused tomorrow. There is so much to learn from this scandal, and it is a call to victims around the world to not fear your accuser.

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