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Dog Bites Anchor on TV Show

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A dog that was dramatically rescued from an icy lake was impounded the next day for attacking someone on-air. The 85-pound mastiff is currently being held at an animal impound in Denver, Colorado and it is uncertain what will become of it. The story was being aired on the local morning news and was expected to be a tearjerker. However, the story turned nasty when the dog actually bit one of the news anchors.

Although the TV station did not air the footage, a video was leaked to the internet showing the mastiff attacking the anchor. The owner of the dog was cited by Denver Environmental Health Department for failure to have a vaccinated dog, failure to have it on a leash, and allowing the dog to bite. A hearing is set for next week in which a judge will decide the fate of the dog. The news anchor is expected to make a complete recovery from the dog bite.

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