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Police Rescue Infant from Drowning in Florida

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A small infant was teetering around his household swimming pool when the unthinkable occurred. The little toddler edged closer to the pool's rim, leaned to look at the shining water, and toppled in. Without any water wings or life preserver to keep him bobbing on the surface, the 10-month-old sunk slower down into the water. The father of the child pulled him out of the pool as fast as possible, and laid him on the concrete.

Police arrived promptly and started issuing CPR. After a few breathless seconds, the baby spat up the chlorinated water and coughed his way back to consciousness. The police ushered the family to a local hospital, where the baby is expected to make a full recovery. The incident, which happened in Sarasota, Florida, is only one of the many toddler drownings that occur daily.

While this little child was lucky, a lot of babies don't make it when they down in a swimming pool. Recently, two children in Florida were found dead in their neighbor's swimming pool after being allowed outside without supervision. In other cases, children may survive their drowning, but suffer serious brain damage because of the breathless minutes. Because of this, you should always observe pool safety when you are near the water with your little children.

If you leave your kids in the care of another family member, friend, or childcare service, and the child drowns in a pool, then you need to seek compensation for your losses. Whether or not your child survived the traumatic experience, the caretakers who were not watching your child need to learn that their inattention was unacceptable. By seeking litigation, you may be able to cover the medical expenses associated with the drowning and teach the distracted supervisor a lesson.

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