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Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Ends in $3.2 Million Award

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A nursing home abuse lawsuit in the state of Colorado has come to an end. The family of the victim was awarded $3.2 million that will be paid by the nursing home where he came to his untimely end. In May 2009 the victim, H.F., was placed into the elderly facility. Several months later, he was discovered to have developed extreme bedsores, which were so painful that he stopped walking, eating and drinking. The victim became bedridden, a condition which should not have happened had he been given proper medical treatment. Thanks to a tip from an employee at the nursing home who had become fearful for the elderly man's life, the family spoke with the staff at the facility about its concerns. However, the nursing home refused to have the man transferred to a hospital and he died shortly after the discussion.

The Colorado Health Department was called in to evaluate the facility shortly after and found multiple infractions. H.F. was not the only victim of poor healthcare at the home, but was the only one known to have died as a result of it.

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