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Nursing Home Cited for 50+ Deficiencies

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New York's Guilderland Center Nursing Home has been inspected by the state and cited for 52 separate deficiencies in only the past three years. This staggering number is more than double that of the average among other nursing home facilities statewide. When looking at the brevity of the problem, one can see that the nursing home facility filed for bankruptcy in 2008 before being taken over by the owner of Route 146 nursing home, Guilderland Realty Holdings Corporation.

Under new direction, the nursing home reportedly struck a deal with the city of Albany in which they agreed to repay one million dollars in property taxes – an action that would permit the care facility to stay in business despite its current struggles to do so. As of March, the nursing home was almost completely full, with only a four percent vacancy out of 127 beds total. This number should be kept in consideration when thinking of the number of elderly individuals who were adversely affected by the nursing home's deficiencies.

Inspectors of the facility found the nursing home to be in violation of several precautionary measures that should have been in place in order to protect the safety of its patients. One blind resident reportedly fell and broke his ankle due to a lack of proper safety measures being taken by staff members. Another patient with dementia was not treated for suicidal ideation even after threatening to shoot himself with a gun. These are only two of the fifty plus citations made against the facility, and there are likely more that were not even identified.

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