NC Drivers Urged to Remain Cautious During Winter Weather

Drivers in eastern North Carolina need to take more caution when driving in the snow as a recent storm took the lives of three people last Thursday. Across the region, there were dozens of cars involved in weather -related accidents as sleet, freezing rain, and snow turned the roads into treacherous motorways.

Sergeant Matt Hardee commented that people probably were not cognizant of the black ice that had formed on the road, "It was hard for people to see it. People had a false sense of security. They were neglecting to drive below the speed limit like they should have."

One driver, Kimberly Malpass, began her morning with a crash when her car hit a patch of ice, causing her to lose control. She eventually drove over a manhole and hit three cedar trees.

On average, 100 phone calls are routed to the region's Highway Patrol Communication Center - on Thursday that number tripled.

Troopers with the department advise drivers to keep at least a car's distance between them and the car in front of them when driving in dangerous conditions. If you should lose control of the car, attempt to remove your foot slowly from the gas pedal.

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