Questionable Insurance Claims and Staged Auto Accidents

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has reported a 5.4% increase in the amount of questionable car insurance claims submitted between 2007 and 2008. This puts North Carolina in the top ten states with the most "questionable insurance" claims by loss in 2008.

With North Carolina in the number 8 spot on the list, the rest of the top ten includes California (with the most claims), followed by Florida, Texas, New York, Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

What is a Staged Accident/Questionable Claim?

Staged auto accident claims are designed to obtain payment for injuries and other costs associated with an auto accident that never existed. Sometimes an accident might have occurred, but the extent of the injuries or damage is exaggerated.

Staged auto accidents are another problem. This occurs when a person purposefully causes an accident so they can file an insurance claim to obtain money. This is also not only illegal, but it's also highly dangerous and unfair to the innocent drivers and passengers on the road.

Insurance fraud of any kind drives up insurance costs for everyone, as it costs insurance companies millions of dollars a year to deal with. Also, every dollar spent on these questionable insurance claims could have been spent protecting drivers who abide by the law.

Experienced NC Auto Accident Lawyers

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