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Deadly DUI Accident Kills Three

In North Carolina, two people have been charged with providing alcohol to a woman that was involved in a serious auto accident. After consuming alcohol, the woman was involved in a crash that led to the death of three individuals in February.

According to North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement agents, 51-year-old Theresa Bruckner and 22-year-old Kyle Bruckner are now facing three counts of a aiding and abetting a person younger than 21 years of age in possessing an alcoholic beverage.

Police say that the defendants gave 20-year-old Amanda Sperduti, 18-year-old Sascha Adela Hoffman and 18-year-old Taylor Leigh McCaskill alcohol. The three left the Bruckner's home with another individual before 11 PM with Sperduti behind the wheel.

Troopers said that Sperduti was driving 90 MPH when she sped off the right side of Fairgrove Church Road, hit a street sign and then a tree. Warrants issued later, revealed that Sperduti had a blood alcohol level of .20%. The state's legal limit is 0.08%.

Hoffman, McCaskill and the third passenger all died during the car accident. Sperduti was charged with three counts of felony death by a motor vehicle, exceeding a safe speed limit, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving while intoxicated on a provisional license.

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