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Brake Failure Almost Ended Badly for Prius Owner

Toyota’s name is being dragged into headlines once again after a motorist in San Diego, California was unable to stop his Prius while driving on the freeway.

According to California Highway Patrol officer Todd Neibert, the brake lights on Jim Sikes’ Prius were flashing on for a period of time and then flashing off, indicating Sikes was trying to pump the brakes. In his report, Neibert also said he could smell the heated brakes within ¼ of a mile of the vehicle, an indicator that the brakes were being used extensively.

When Sikes realized his brakes were failing, he called 911 for help. Officer Neibert eventually caught up to Sikes, who was traveling at about 95 mph on the 8 Freeway. Sikes was able to slow the Prius to about 50 mph and then Neibert told Sikes over a loudspeaker to hit the floor brake and pull the emergency brake simultaneously. Neibert’s advice worked and Sikes was able to come to a stop with no injuries to report.

In his report, Office Neibert said Sikes was about 20 miles away from a steep downgrade and sharp left turn. If Sikes had made it to that location, Neibert believes the outcome would have been catastrophic, if not deadly.

After Sikes got out of the vehicle, he told Neibert that he tried three times to lift the gas pedal with his hands, but was unsuccessful.

Helping Clients File Lawsuits Against Toyota

Toyota recently announced a massive recall on multiple vehicle models, including the Prius, after reports surfaced that the brakes were defective. Instead of the brakes slowing down the vehicle, the pump would get stuck, causing the car to accelerate. As you can imagine, this is incredibly dangerous, and has led to multiple accidents throughout the country that have resulted in serious injuries and even death.

If there is a defect with your Toyota vehicle that has jeopardized your safety, an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney at Lanier Law Group, P.A. can help you file a lawsuit against Toyota Corporation. To learn more, please feel free to contact the office today at (855) 757-4204.